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Ranchelle is a small winery located in the Maremma, an area in southern Tuscany, about half way between Florence and Rome. The winery has been launched in 2014 with the aim to contribute to the conservation of the heritage of traditional Maremma wines by producing wines according to the philosophy of natural wine.
The Maremma is a region dedicated to the production of wine since the time of the Etruscans, favoured by the mild climate of the close Mediterranean sea and by the composition and conformation of the hilly terrains. Historically, the Maremma has a wide range of native grapes but unfortunately these grape varieties are dying out as most of the old vineyards have been uprooted ond replaced by international varieties (such as merlot, cabernet, chardonney, syrah, sauvignon, etc) or by rather common Italian vine varieties like Sangiovese and Vermentino.
In fact, those who until fifty years ago were the pearls of the Maremma viticulture are now considered only good memories, to be kept in the vineyards-museums but essentially not able to stand the competition with the high-sounding international varieties which do not have any link with the territory.
Ranchelle aims to contribute to the preservation of the traditional Maremma vines which are disappearing even before their value has been recognized. To enhance these old Maremmani vines and let them express their potential, Ranchelle follows the philosophy of natural wine. In the vineyard the concept of natural wine the use of pesticide treatments is limited to copper and sulfur, while in the cellar no additives are allowed except sulfites in very low dosages (less than 20mg/l). Therefore the wines produced are sincere expressions of the territory.
In 2014 Ranchelle has taken over one of the few old vineyards left in Maremma, a vineyard where many varieties that in the past were widespread throughout the area are to be found.
In the spring 2015 two hectares of new vineyards with indigeneous varieties were planted, half white grapes, half red grapes. In 2016 another hectare has been planted, again half white grapes and the other half red grapes, all strictly indigeneous Maremma varieties. These new fields are located on an altitude of 350m with a southeastern exposure and a very balanced soil composition (shale with silt and clay).

RANCHELLE is a certified organic farm
RANCHELLE is a member of VinNatur